MIBA is proactive in providing programs that empower tribal people to continue practicing Maine’s oldest art form and sustain their own culture.

Master_Basketmaker_Kim_Bryant_and_apprenticeEducational Programs

MIBA’s inter-generational teaching programs; such as tribal community basketry workshops and traditional arts apprenticeships, ensure that ancient basket making traditions are handed down.




IMG_1668Environmental Programs

Conserving the ash and sweetgrass resources used in traditional basketry is central to our mission.





Economic Programs

MIBA promotes sales of baskets to help tribal basket makers earn sustainable income, in the same way their ancestors have for nearly 200 years.




11._Master_Basketmaker_Sarah_SockbesonOther Programs

MIBA works with a variety of partners to collaborate on special projects and exhibitions through the year; that not only provide artist employment opportunities, but share and celebrate this historic and contemporary art form with the public.