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Below are the artists that are part of the Maine Indian Basketmakers Alliance. You can also use our custom search below which will allow you to search our artists by specialty, materials, and more.

Eric was born in 1977 and grew up in Indian Township and surrounding towns in Washington County. As a youngster, he was drawn to basketmaking, watching elders in his neighborhood making baskets. He was influenced by many artists, some basketmakers and birchbark artist and his style evolved as his work was also influenced by indigenous […]

Pam grew up on Indian Island, Maine, and has been making baskets since 1994. Her baskets reflect her deep spirituality and the symbols of her culture. Known and respected for her contemporary Honor Baskets, she also weaves traditional styles such as acorns and sweetgrass flats.

Taught by her Penobscot elders from Indian Island, Barbara’s baskets have won national awards. Her baskets are filled with the history, tradition, culture, and spirituality of her self, her teachers, and her tribe.

Ganessa was born in 1982 and grew up on Indian Island in a family of basketmakers and artists. Drawing on the intricate and often miniature work done by her ancestors, Ganessa creates both full–size and miniature point baskets, as well as a wide variety of other forms. Ganessa grew up with baskets. Her mother, Kim […]

Jeremy was born in 1978 and raised in Indian Township. His work has received national recognition with the 2011 Best of Show award at the Heard Museum Guild Indian Fair and Market and the Santa Fe Indian Market. He was the recipient of a $50,000 United States Artists grant. Jeremy started weaving in his 20s, […]

Gabriel Frey is a twelfth generation Passamaquoddy basket maker, specializing in sturdy pack baskets, market and utility baskets, and is one of the few basket makers making full size baby cradles. Gabriel carries on the tradition, high quality and style of his grandfather who taught him, while incorporating his own individual aesthetic, forms, and decorative […]

Frank Hanning (Micmac) continues in the the tradition of his father, Eldon Hanning, going into the woods to harvest and prepare Brown Ash for himself, his family, and other weavers. Frank weaves sturdy utility baskets as well as strong and elegant fancy basket styles.

Eldon Hanning grew up in a basket making family in Houlton, Maine. His mother taught him how to make work baskets from log to basket. An expert at finding and preparing the ash tree, Eldon supplies many Wabanaki weavers with their splints. He specializes in sturdy work baskets including the potato basket used at one […]

As part of the renowned Passamaquoddy Neptune family from Pleasant Point, Gerald always knew he would keep his heritage alive by contributing to a great basketmaking tradition. As a young boy he watched his uncles pound ash and weave large fish scale baskets for the sardine factory in Eastport, Maine. He serves on the Board […]

Clara Neptune Keezer was born on the Passamaquoddy tribal land of Pleasant Point (Sipayik) in Perry, Maine. The Neptune family was known for basketmaking and for leading the Passamaquoddy tribe for more than 200 uninterrupted years prior to her birth. Clara Neptune learned to make baskets from her grandmother and mother, weaving her first basket […]

Ben Labobe, is a Micmac basket maker from Aroostook county, Maine. He makes traditional potato and work baskets, as well as bright and colorful large fancy style baskets.

From Indian Island, Maine, Jennifer specializes in miniature baskets, beadwork reproductions, and porcupine quill jewelry. She has worked for the Maine Indian Basketmakers Alliance for over twenty years helping other artists to sell and market their work. SHOWS: Heard Indian Market, Heard Museum, Phoenix, Arizona Native American Festival and Basketmakers Market, Bar Harbor, Maine Santa […]

One of the renowned Neptune family of basketmakers, Peter is known for his skillfully crafted work baskets, including hampers, pack baskets and fish scale baskets, and sweetgrass braids.His work often combines the classic work basket style with unique, artistic fancy weaves, unseen in other contemporary work. At the age of eight, Peter learned basketmaking from […]

George was born in 1988 and learned to make baskets from his Gram, Molly Neptune Parker at age 4. He grew up at Indian Township and attended school at Peter Dana Point until high school. He went to Gould Academy in Bethel and graduated from Dartmouth College in 2010. At age 7 he traveled with […]

Mary creates small, fanciful ash baskets that bridge the gap between function and traditional Micmac design. She has worked with the famed Sanipass family of weavers for more than two decades, and has taught several of her grandchildren.

The matriarch of four generations of Passamaquoddy basketweavers, Molly Neptune Parker began weaving baskets at a young age, using the scraps of ash wood that fell to the floor as her mother worked. Today, Parker leads efforts to share this tradition with young people, encouraging the continuance of this art form for generations to come. […]

Mary Sanipass is a Micmac elder who continues to make forms that have been made in her and her late husband Donald’s families for generations. Mary focuses on baskets specific to Aroostook County, the potato basket and other gathering style and hunting baskets in the Native Maine tradition. She is the head of four generations, […]

Theresa Secord is a traditional Penobscot basketmaker.  After earning an M.S. in Geology, she returned to Maine to work for her Tribe, heading up a mineral assessment program on 300,000 acres of Penobscot and Passamaquoddy lands gained in the 1980 Maine Indian Land Claims settlement.  In 1988, Theresa began an apprenticeship with Elder basket maker, […]

Micmac basketmaker, Richard Silliboy has been harvesting ash and weaving potato baskets, pack baskets, and other traditional styles for decades. Growing up in Houlton, Maine, Richard’s mother taught him basketmaking. He serves on the Board of Directors of the Maine Indian Basketmakers Alliance.

Sarah was born in 1983 and spent her early years in Brooklin, Maine. Her great grandmother made baskets on Indian Island. In 2004 Sarah apprenticed with Jennifer Neptune as part of the Maine Arts Commission Traditional Arts Apprenticeship Program. Sarah’s work features a distinctive color palette, detailed curlwork and hand painted cover medallions on birchbark. […]

Stuart Tomah is a Passamaquoddy basket maker from Indian Township. He combines classic and contemporary styles, and is known for incorporating deer antlers into his work. Stuart has taught many in his community to weave through his participation in MIBA’s Traditional Arts Apprenticeship Program and community workshops.

Frances Gal Frey is a traditional Passamaquoddy basket maker and artisan, well known nationally for her expertise in the ash and sweetgrass basket traditions. She is an intergenerational teacher (basketry, regalia), committed to the continuity of Passamaquoddy culture. She is a licensed Massage Therapist employed with Indian Health Services, Pleasant Point and Indian Township, as […]

Fred Tomah is one of the only Maliseet basket makers in Maine. He is an expert at finding and preparing the ash tree for weaving, and carries on a tradition of excellence in basket style and technique. Fred is an accomplished maker of all types of work baskets, but is best known for his tightly […]